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Welcome to the Archived Records of Andronicos’ Presidential Campaign

Unconventional, innovative, and independent — these are the words that encapsulated Andronicos’ run in the Cyprus Presidential Election of February 2023. This platform serves as a testament to his unique approach to politics, offering a comprehensive archive of his compelling campaign. Browse through the original manifestos that shaped his candidacy, explore the links to his engaging TV interviews, and delve into the distinctive strategies that set his campaign apart. Gain insights into Andronicos’ vision and discover how his innovative perspectives is helping to transform the political landscape. What follows is an overview of his journey, preserved here for your understanding.

During his candidacy, Andronicos unveiled two unique manifestos. The first was a comprehensive and earnest document, composed of 32 segments, offering clear plans to tackle the various challenges Cyprus faces. The second manifesto veered towards satire, engaging audiences with humour and playful illustrations. To appeal to a broad demographic, both manifestos were made accessible in Greek and English. Furthermore, an inspiring musical photo collage, stimulating philosophical conversations about world peace, was shared in both languages.

Throughout his appearances on live television, Andronicos employed an array of visual aids such as bananas, baby pacifiers, and oversized shoes. Watch the video clips. His idiosyncratic approach captivated viewers, creating a lasting impression. So memorable was his campaign that even today, he is often recognised by members of the public on the streets of Cyprus. Central to his campaign was the maintenance of a positive, respectful discourse, centred on issue-based debate rather than personal attacks against other candidates.

Though Greek is not his first language, and his campaign spanned a mere 77 days, Andronicos met the requirements to officially run for office. Working with a budget of just €25,000, compared to the substantial funds leveraged by the four main candidates, he made noteworthy strides. Aspects of his manifesto are now either in effect or being deliberated in parliament. Importantly, his radical in-depth solution to the Cyprus problem is now officially on-the-record.

I am profoundly grateful to the Cypriot media outlets that generously offered free airtime, enabling me to engage with a diverse audience. To everyone who listened, participated in engaging debates, and provided feedback, I extend my deepest appreciation. Your support has been indispensable. Furthermore, I am sincerely grateful to those who endorsed my candidacy and, most importantly, voted for me. Your faith in my vision for a better Cyprus has been an unwavering source of motivation and inspiration throughout the campaign. I pledge to continue working diligently to address our common challenges and foster positive change in our society.”

“Thank you all!”


To stay updated on Andronicos’ insights on diverse topics such as current affairs and Artificial Intelligence (AI) follow him on Facebook.

To learn about his visionary use of AI and ChatGPT in conceptualising a futuristic, superintelligent robotic president for Cyprus, visit his Facebook page or access the document directly here in English

Should you wish to invite Andronicos to deliver a humorous, engaging after-dinner speech at your next corporate event, please use the contact form. Rest assured, the speech can be tailored to be in English or Greeklish, as per your preference. Subject matter, be it Artificial Intelligence, technology, politics, or the future, can be customised to meet the needs of your audience.


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Where I come from...

I would like to share my family history and migration experiences. Three of my grandparents were Greek Cypriots from Nicosia, Famagusta, and Dali respectively. They legally moved to Egypt for a better life in the 1910s to 1923. Had it been illegal to do so, I’m quite sure they would have chosen another country. What they did not do upon arrival was claim welfare benefits off the Egyptian state. Both my grandfathers got jobs in Cairo because it was legal to do so. One was a waiter, the other worked for a small confectionery factory he ended up managing until his sudden death. Sadly, both died in 1956, before I was born.

My maternal grandmother fled Constantinople (Istanbul) and legally moved to Egypt in the early 1920s aged 17 because of the Anatolian genocide against ethnic Greeks. Had Egypt turned my yaya away, my mother and I would never have been born; nor would my four children and grandson. We owe Egypt our lives. I will be forever grateful that Egypt did not turn its nose up at my family because they were relatively poor, looked different, were Orthodox Christians, ate strange Greek/Cypriot food, and dressed the European way.

Who is Andronicos

Presidential Candidate Cyprus elections February 2023. Entrepreneur. Founder + CEO GPG Cyprus, owner GPG UAE, indirect owner of various companies

Economic Empowerment • Environment • Human Rights • Poverty Alleviation • Politics • Animal Welfare • Arts and Culture • Children • Civil Rights and Social Action • Disaster and Humanitarian Relief • Education • Health • Science and Technology

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Start-ups 95%
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