A message to all presidential candidates, MPs, political parties, and unions

A message to all presidential candidates, MPs, political parties, and unions

This website contains substantial criticisms against the system and not against particular individuals. I respect all the other candidates including the so called ‘independent’ ones.  However, I ask they all speak to the parties that are backing them and step down from this presidential campaign and let me run unopposed. Wait until 2026 or 2028 until the next presidential election.

As it stands today, it is an almost mathematical certainty that Mr Nikos Christodoulides will be the next president. I hold him in the highest esteem and would gladly have him as a key advisor if I am elected. However, I will not vote for him nor the other two main contenders because I do not want another 5 years of the same old system, controlled by the same three main political parties, and the same elites and special interest groups that back them.     

Be assured, if I am elected president, I will work with all the political parties, and I hope they will work with me as advisors. I even include the right-wing ELAM party, as I relate to some of its policies. My manifesto pledges are what is needed to transform Cyprus together.

Some of my policies are left wing, others are right. If Cyprus politics was a football team I would play left, right, and centre, take all the penalties, and be the goalkeeper for penalty shootouts. The problem with Cyprus politics, and some of our senior public sector managers today, is that it can be comparable to spending €1 billion to buy the 11 best players in the world for a football club. If they cannot play together as a team, nor have a good coach, they cannot win any trophies. Let’s transform our club team together. As head coach I would be a mixture of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, with the entrepreneurial nous and assertive style of, dare I say, Donald Trump.    

Many of you presidential candidates have a wealth of experience to help us fix our country. To make this happen, let’s unify to do so. And I ask parliament, all political parties, the public sector, and its unions to look in a mirror daily and support me as president. Let’s transform Cyprus together by playing as a team. If elected, only a truly independent president such as I can make this unity happen, so that our Republic of Cyprus club football team will win the Champions League in 3 years’ time.


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