27/32. LGBTQ+ rights

27/32. LGBTQ+ rights

Cyprus is a secular state, deeply influenced by Christian tradition and Orthodox culture which I respect. If Cyprus was a theocracy, based on religious interpretation that has changed over the years, probably half the Cyprus population would have been whipped, stoned, or spent time in jail for having sex before marriage or for committing adultery. Why is same-sex marriage in a different so-called ‘moral’ category when LGBTQ+ relationships are legal in Cyprus? As president I will introduce the following initiatives:    

  • In partnership with qualified charities, support mechanisms will be implemented for younger LGBTQ+ persons bullied for their sexual orientation or identity.
  • A direct line will also be set up for LGBTQ+ individuals facing discrimination both in their personal life and in the workplace.
  • So called ‘conversion therapy’, the degrading attempt to change a person’s sexual orientation using coercive means, will be made into a criminal offence.

I will listen to LGBTQ+ representatives and do my very best to assist.   


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