17/32. Supporting our farmers with innovative solutions

17/32. Supporting our farmers with innovative solutions

  • EU and government funds will be sought towards modernising the agricultural sector, leading to greater self-sufficiency and food security for our country.
  • Free training and advice for farmers will be made available.
  • Grants for equipment, and support for farm-to-table platforms to increase farmers’ profitability.
  • Exchange of know-how through joint projects and initiatives with neighbouring countries will be pursued. 
  • A study will be undertaken for the government to broker the bulk purchase of insurance to protect against certain crop failures.
  • A physical wholesale fruit and vegetable market will be established in at least one key location. Farmers will be able to sell in bulk to members of the public direct, for example 100KG of potatoes or 25KG of peaches. Friends, relatives and neighbours can then share in saving costs.
  • A study will be commissioned on how an eCommerce platform can be designed (in partnership with the private sector), to undertake a virtual version of the above physical market.       
  • I will commission a report on how surplus container ship, cargo plane, and truck capacity can be used to export fruit, vegetables, and halloumi to lucrative international markets without lots of middlemen taking a cut.

Farmers: talk to me and I will listen.


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