18/32. Empowering people with disabilities

18/32. Empowering people with disabilities

I will support those with disabilities and special needs. If someone can’t walk, can’t see, can’t hear, can’t talk, or is intellectually challenged, it does not make them 2nd class citizens. I have substantial experience on these matters as a father to a mentally and physically challenged son born in 1977 who lives abroad. Individuals such as my middle-aged son seek respect and inclusion, not pity.   

  • I will totally review disability benefits, how they are paid, and to whom.
  • I will empower those with special needs to be part of society, and support families that need to care for relatives that fit this criteria.
  • I will implement positive discrimination, so that a percentage of persons with physical challenges get priority for public sector jobs should they wish to apply.
  • I will provide additional funds in partnership with commercial partners for sports training and facilities to create future paralympic athletes.       
  • I will introduce laws and automated systems so that blue badge holders can take irrefutable photographic evidence of cars illegally parked in disabled parking spaces and earn a percentage of the fine when paid.    
  • I will also introduce ‘silver alert’ alarms if someone elderly with dementia or a young child goes missing. Technology is available that can send a message and photo via SMS to any mobile phone in the area within a few hundred metres of a last known sighting (for the elderly) and nationwide for young children. By the time photos are published, it may be too late.  

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