01/32. Help me form our new government: of the people, by the people, for the people

01/32. Help me form our new government: of the people, by the people, for the people

I hope Cyprus’ future ministers (2023/4) and MPs (2026) are reading this. As of the date this manifesto was launched in November 2022, I have no political party, nor do I have any political power. Therefore, most of my manifesto pledges state ‘I will’ rather than ‘My government will’, or ‘The new political party will.’  

So, would you like to apply to become a minister in our new government, or MP for the new political party? Or can you recommend someone special who can help transform Cyprus?  If so, please answer the following selection criteria questions:

  1. Are you at least 30 years old (future ministers) or will you be 25 years old in May 2026 (future MPs)? Having physical disabilities such as wheelchair use will not be an issue.
  2. Have you registered to vote in Cyprus’ elections?
  3. Do you have a record of excellent management, organisational and communication skills?
  4. Do you possess the charisma, wisdom, and passion to help transform Cyprus?
  5. Are you honest and incorruptible, and will you be able to look at yourself in the mirror each day if appointed or voted in office?
  6. Are you willing to be one of the first 300 to formally help register the new political party? All you have to do is sign a government form. Your name will not be in the public domain.
  7. Are you happy to sign a strict confidentiality agreement? 
  8. Key question: do you agree with my political manifesto in full including my radical approach to the Cyprus problem? Download the full presidential manifesto (PDF) Greek / English.

If your answers to all the above questions are ‘yes’, register your intent to apply as a future minister or MP in the strictest of confidence, but please be patient and allow a few weeks for a response.

Additional questions not related to the above:

  • Would you or someone you know be willing to volunteer part-time, and eventually possibly be paid full- or part-time? It could be as simple as getting your friends and relatives to register to vote now for the 2023 presidential election.
  • Would you or someone you know be willing to fundraise to assist in my political goals to transform our country and try to solve the Cyprus problem once and for all?

I appeared suddenly out of nowhere because I am frankly sick and tired of the same old Cyprus politics and how things are done. No wonder a large chunk of the population, including 50 percent of those under 25 years of age, can’t be bothered to register, let alone actually vote. The main political parties regurgitate the same old music with slightly different lyrics like an extremely annoying broken record. It recalls the famous saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Be at the birth of something totally new, to help transform Cyprus with ‘different results’


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