16/32. Our future ministers: how the best of the best will be selected

16/32. Our future ministers: how the best of the best will be selected

As our new political party will not be functioning by February 2023, I would initially appoint several ministers from across the political spectrum, while soliciting applications from qualified members of the Cyprus public. This search for talented, respected Cypriots began the day this manifesto was launched in November 2022. As a one-off exercise, these future ministers will be shortlisted using expert companies abroad that assist in the selection of senior executives for the largest organisations in the world. I would seek the views of all political parties and the Greek government before appointing our defence minister. Let’s not forget the head of the national guard is traditionally from Greece.   

I do not want anyone who seeks power with the intent of helping themselves, special interest groups, or anyone already heavily soiled by Cyprus politics. I would generally seek the best of the best ‘virgin’ politicians aged 30 or over to help me undertake my manifesto pledges to transform Cyprus, all of which they must fully align with upfront.

  • New government appointments will include a deputy minister (or commissioner) to deal with migrants, non-Cypriot residents, minorities, and diaspora Cypriots worldwide; a commissioner for consumer protection will be created and moved from the ministry of trade and commerce. I will also create a deputy minister to manage a CIPA version 2.0.
  • Most ministers and deputy ministers will be expected to add two additional shared and coordinated responsibilities to their portfolios as a body:
  • To actively invite international companies to open substantive offices in Cyprus to create jobs. Training for the council of ministers will be provided.
  • To indirectly report to a version 2.0 of the deputy minister of research, innovation and digital transformation on optimizing working practices. Digital transformation without changing working practices leads to the automation of chaos. The system currently fails because no one is in charge overall. I hold Deputy Minister Mr Kyriakos Kokkinos and Permanent Secretary Dr Stelios Himonas in the highest esteem, but their department cannot digitally transform Cyprus without support from other ministries who must change some of the current ridiculous ways they do things. 

Other structural changes I plan to implement to fix Cyprus

  • I intend to hire 50 of the best candidates who have MBAs or PhDs, and park them in teams across ministries for 6-month secondments over a 2-year period. They will report to version 2.0 of the deputy minister of research, innovation and digital transformation on optimizing working practices. To avoid conflicts of interest, for 2 years after their assignments are over, they will not be permitted to apply for jobs in the departments they help to transform.      
  • Subject to consultation, some of the best permanent secretaires will be moved across ministries for a one-off 6-month secondment. This will not apply where specialist skills are needed; for example, the ministry of health needs a day-to-day leader with medical expertise. This reorganisation will mean ideas for better governance and operations will be spread across many ministries. A good executive manager is a leader, visionary, and motivator wherever s/he works.

Summary: by having a new president and eventually new ministers unsoiled by Cyprus’ political mire, there will be no ministerial infighting for power. Help me transform Cyprus. Let’s fix Cyprus together.

Important legal point

The president of Cyprus and his ministers (the executive) do not have dictatorial powers. Parliament’s 56 MPs (the legislative) pass laws by a majority vote as instructed by their political parties. The third branch to avoid a dictatorship is our independent Supreme Court (the judiciary).

If I am elected, it will be a mandate by the people. I will be willing to make compromises and do ‘deals’ with parliament and the political parties that back them, with a warning. If they object to pass laws for my key manifesto pledges, I will ensure those MPs voting against will be publicly named, so that our new political party will offer to replace them in the May 2026 election. Cyprus needs a strong truly independent president, not a lapdog that panders to special interest groups or worships any political party. Cyprus needs Andronicos, the ‘rottweiler president’. You can decide in 2023 and 2026. If you belong to a political party, cancel your membership and join us!    

Help me form our new government. Apply to become a minister or MP


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