24/32. Protecting areas of outstanding natural beauty

24/32. Protecting areas of outstanding natural beauty

Cyprus is a small island that arguably has four key areas of outstanding natural beauty: Paphos forest, our mountains, our beaches, and the Akamas. My manifesto pledge on these matters will be published in full after talking to several stakeholders.

Many countries passed laws decades ago to protect areas of outstanding natural beauty despite objections from landowners and developers at the time. For example, Muir Woods is a California State monument (park) famous for some of the tallest trees in the world.  In 1907, before it became protected by the government, there were plans by loggers to cut the trees down, and separately a water company planned to flood the valley. Tens of millions of visitors including me would never have seen this beautiful park had this been allowed.   

We owe it to our tourism industry to maintain the beauty that attracts visitors to Cyprus. And we owe it as a duty to our future descendants. My views on this matter will likely be controversial.  


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