05/32. State pension increases and a review on how they are assessed

05/32. State pension increases and a review on how they are assessed

It disgusts me that MPs apparently have the right to enjoy a full pension after only 5 years in office. We have tens of thousands of pensioners who were never employed by the public sector, who worked for 40 years on low incomes and paid taxes and social insurance for 40 years who are now barely able to financially survive. This is a national disgrace. What new law will be proposed next by self-serving political parties? Perhaps they will take it a step further: all MPs will have the legal right, as a perk, to take food from pensioners’ refrigerators, tables, and mouths at any time if they feel hungry.   

Over the next 3 years, the minimum state pension will be increased on a sliding scale starting with the lowest pensions.

I will thoroughly investigate where all the state pension reserves have gone. It is for this reason that I do not want our politicians anywhere near the state’s future natural gas sovereign wealth fund’s day-to-day administration. I do not want foxes ‘guarding’ our family’s free-range chickens. The fund must be managed in partnership with international experts.

Those qualified to benefit from a state pension in future will have the opportunity to top up their missing or low social insurance contributions 2 years prior to pension age going back 10 years. It will be done via a lump sum payment to increase their state pension in future. This is how countries such as the UK deal with this matter.  

Many persons since 2020, or those soon to get a state pension, paid fewer contributions due to reduced or no earnings as a result of the pandemic. The above law will be backdated to 1/1/2020.  

The government department dealing with state pensions will be overhauled, restructured, and given additional resources. Pensioners and those soon to get a pension will be able to discuss projected pensions over the phone (subject to ID verification), and Ariadni will be updated so that pension entitlements are much easier to calculate and understand. This will include EU cross-border pensions.  [Full disclosure for transparency: this is one of the few laws I propose that will potentially financially benefit members of my family with higher state pensions]  

In partnership with the private sector, a self-funded national online database will be created listing discount shops and other services offered to pensioners nationwide. It will be easy for commercial organisations to register and update. Actual values must be shown, for example: ‘Every Thursday, 10% off a haircut or blow dry’, and not, ‘Pensioners will be given a discount’.   


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