19/32. Supporting our villages and rural communities

19/32. Supporting our villages and rural communities

• Assistance will be given to help our villages with agritourism, infrastructure, and connectivity.
• Invoices for rubbish collection, water, property tax, and other charges should be sent via email if requested. Resources will be provided by the digital transformation ministry using selected suppliers to implement.
• Villages can apply to be permitted to conduct civil weddings to attract tourists; however, a percentage of the profit should be spent assisting the poorest long-term residents, probably pensioners or families in need. It will be up to the village councils to decide.
• Recycling points will be available at strategic locations within a few KMs of every village.
• I will continue to seek EU grants to beautify our villages.
• Refer to my radical approach to the Cyprus problem on how Turkish village and rural properties in the south can be transformed if a solution can be negotiated with ‘TRNC’.


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