02/32. Empowerment for women

02/32. Empowerment for women

Half the Cyprus population is discriminated against. This is not because of their religious views, the colour of their skin, different culture, lack of education, or having a lower intelligence. They earn lower salaries and have trouble finding good jobs because they are women.  

Some Cypriot men and male politicians view women as baby factories, cooks, and cleaners. I want Cyprus’ women to own or manage factories, restaurants, and cleaning firms. 

My key pledges to women:

•    I will introduce laws to subsidise childcare via vouchers when our country can afford it.  

  • I will introduce positive discrimination for government contracts. If two companies exactly tie for an award, the one owned and managed by women will win the contract, subject to conditions. 
  • Separately, as part of the points assessment used in selecting government suppliers, point credits will be given to suppliers that have a percentage of women in senior positions, subject to conditions.  This percentage figure will be based on expert studies in 2023. Checks and balances will ensure the system cannot be misused, for example appointing an unqualified grandmother or favourite auntie as a senior executive or major shareholder. 
  • Furthermore, starting in 2024, up to 5,000 women will be hired on a part-time contract basis initially for 6 months, to work for the state. Training to get back in the workforce will be provided as a by-product. This will empower women who have spent many years raising children. A selection process will apply, including exams based on their prior work experience, or aptitude tests. These women will help in the public sector’s transformation, by freeing permanent staff to implement urgent changes. 

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