The Complete Manifesto

01/32. Help me form our new government: of the people, by the people, for the people

I hope Cyprus’ future ministers (2023/4) and MPs (2026) are reading this. As of the date this manifesto was launched in November 2022, I have no political party, nor do I have any political power. Therefore, most of my manifesto pledges state ‘I will’ rather than ‘My government will’, or ‘The new political party will.’  

02/32. Empowerment for women

Half the Cyprus population is discriminated against. This is not because of their religious views, the colour of their skin, different culture, lack of education, or having a lower intelligence. They earn lower salaries and have trouble finding good jobs because they are women.

03/32. Judicial reforms, law and order, our police force

I will introduce a small claims court to inexpensively fast-track disputes below €10,000 to free up the court’s time, save everyone legal costs, and avoid having to wait several years for justice.

04/32. Your money and wealth

Social insurance contributions for the lowest paid will be reduced.  

The tax system will be simplified for the lowest paid, and the salary threshold for audited financial statements increased.

05/32. State pension increases and a review on how they are assessed

Over the next 3 years, the minimum state pension will be increased on a sliding scale starting with the lowest pensions.

I will thoroughly investigate where all the state pension reserves have gone.

06/32. Our citizen’s health; GESY

GESY, our national health service, will be optimised, improved, and transformed. The best advisors money can buy from Cyprus and abroad will provide recommendations in partnership with unions.  

07/32. Fairer state compensation on compulsory land purchases

If the state needs to build infrastructure such as a road or pavement, a 10-20% premium to market value will be paid. Alternatively, it must find and buy a plot of equal value nearby on the open market and transfer it at its expense.

08/32. The EuroMillions lottery to fund a new ‘charity commission’

EuroMillions will provide incentives for those reticent to embrace technology such as some pensioners, to learn the basics of using a laptop or tablet, empowering more citizens to participate in Cyprus’ digital transformation.

09/32. Businesses, entrepreneurship, job creation, and the CSE

Entrepreneurship is in the Cypriot DNA worldwide. In the last 100 years, many of our relatives (including mine) moved to other countries for a better life with very little money in their pockets to improve their families’ lives. Following the disastrous 1974 Turkish invasion, our country was transformed from near bankruptcy, having lost its tourism market and 40% of its land, into a services-based economy.

10/32. Technology and adult computer training to transform Cyprus

Industry partners will supply training at the state’s expense for adults such as pensioners afraid of technology. Training will include how to make free audio and video calls internationally, search the web, recognise spam and fraudulent emails, write basic emails, and use government websites, Ariadni, and various online forms.

11/32. Open and transparent government

I will introduce a pilot scheme for online opinion polls to assist government in key decision planning. Referenda or elections must never be done online, however opinion polls such as protecting the Akamas can.

12/32. Public sector unions: a future government partnership

For decades, some of the most successful companies in Germany and Scandinavia have union representatives on their boards of directors. My attitude to unions is not ‘them and us’;

13/32. Productivity rewards for public sector employees

As president I would implement productivity rewards that could substantially benefit all our public sector employees. Without them the government could not function.

14/32. Transforming the public sector in consultation with their unions

Our citizens’ centres are doing an excellent job. Their scope, opening hours, and responsibilities will be increased. I will introduce a scheme so some appointments can be done via video call. 

15/32. My draconian anti-corruption measures

My approach is radical. Many members of parliament under instructions from their political parties will initially refuse to pass most of these anti-corruption manifesto pledges. It will be like lambs voting on what should be eaten on Easter Sunday. However, I have a cunning plan.  

16/32. Our future ministers: how the best of the best will be selected

I do not want anyone who seeks power with the intent of helping themselves, special interest groups, or anyone already heavily soiled by Cyprus politics. I would generally seek the best of the best ‘virgin’ politicians aged 30 or over to help me undertake my manifesto pledges to transform Cyprus, all of which they must fully align with upfront.

17/32. Supporting our farmers with innovative solutions

EU and government funds will be sought towards modernising the agricultural sector, leading to greater self-sufficiency and food security for our country.

18/32. Empowering people with disabilities

I have substantial experience on these matters as a father to a mentally and physically challenged son born in 1977 who lives abroad. Individuals such as my middle-aged son seek respect and inclusion, not pity.   

19/32. Supporting our villages and rural communities

Assistance will be given to help our villages with agritourism, infrastructure, and connectivity.

20/32. Improving consumer protection and confidence

A commissioner for consumer protection will be appointed and be given more powers. The system will be tracked with unique reference numbers, when making a complaint via a form or email.

21/32. Introducing valuable licence plate transfers between owners

The department of transport via a commercial partner (subject to tender) will facilitate the advertising, auction, and transfer of number plates between the owners of registered vehicles that wish to do so

22/32. Introducing state awards in recognition of bravery

I will recommend the highest and first award be given to Cyprus’ professional and volunteer firefighters (city, village, and forest) since 1960 as a body.

23/32. Protecting our environment

I am aligned to the EU plan on green transition. I am also aligned to several policies of the Green Party and Animal Party. My manifesto pledge on the environment will be published in full after talking to stakeholders

24/32. Protecting areas of outstanding natural beauty

Cyprus is a small island that arguably has four key areas of outstanding natural beauty: Paphos forest, our mountains, our beaches, and the Akamas. My manifesto pledge on these matters will be published in full after talking to several stakeholders

25/32. Animal welfare: better laws and enforcement

I am aligned to many policies of the Animal Party. My manifesto pledge on animals will be published in full after talking to stakeholders.

26/32. Defending Cyprus from military, man-made, and natural disasters

Furthermore, at the time of writing this presidential manifesto, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is cause for grave international concern. If I was elected president today, the first job I would do tomorrow would be to prepare for the worst and urgently involve all government departments.

27/32. LGBTQ+ rights

In partnership with qualified charities, support mechanisms will be implemented for younger LGBTQ+ persons bullied for their sexual orientation or identity.

28/32. Education

If I am elected president, I will instruct the education minister to start with a blank piece of paper and provide formal recommendations to improve all seven education areas after involving various stakeholders. These must include internationally respected experts, unions, teachers, parents, other countries’ best practices, and commercial partners.

29/32. A new approach to asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants

As a compassionate human being and as a president, I seek fairness under international law, without Cyprus being taken advantage of. Let’s not forget many countries opened their doors to Cypriots in 1974 fleeing the Turkish invasion. And I’m sure they would do so again in the horrible disaster scenarios I wrote about previously. 

30/32. Helping the poorest in society with dignity

I want an army of volunteers to distribute surplus food every evening using a state-of-the-art national online system. Perhaps for just one evening every 2 weeks. And to do so with dignity.

31/32. Foreign policy

If I am elected president, despite its size and relatively small population, Cyprus will continue to work with a range of international organisations to promote Cyprus’ interests and views abroad.

32/32. My radical approach to the Cyprus problem

What is my radical approach to the Cyprus problem? To answer this question, we must first look back at over 400 years of history relating to Turkey, Greece, and Cyprus. It explains the highly emotional background behind the Cyprus problem.

Manifesto Conclusion

Cyprus needs a strong independent president. A transparent president. An honest president

A president who is prepared to make compromises, but not one mired by political dirt nor one controlled by political parties or special interest groups.

A message to all presidential candidates, MPs, political parties, and unions

This draft manifesto contains substantial criticisms against the system and not against particular individuals. I respect all the other candidates including the so called ‘independent’ ones.  However, I ask they all speak to the parties that are backing them and step down from this presidential campaign and let me run unopposed. Wait until 2026 or 2028 until the next presidential election.

As it stands today, it is an almost mathematical certainty that Mr Nikos Christodoulides will be the next president. I hold him in the highest esteem and would gladly have him as a key advisor if I am elected. However, I will not vote for him nor the other two main contenders because I do not want another 5 years of the same old system, controlled by the same three main political parties, and the same elites and special interest groups that back them.

Be assured, if I am elected president I will work with all the political parties, and I hope they will work with me as advisors. I even include the right-wing ELAM party, as I relate to some of its policies. My manifesto pledges are what is needed to transform Cyprus together.

Some of my policies are left wing, others are right. If Cyprus politics was a football team I would play left, right, and centre, take all the penalties, and be the goalkeeper for penalty shootouts. The problem with Cyprus politics, and some of our senior public sector managers today, is that it can be comparable to spending €1 billion to buy the 11 best players in the world for a football club. If they cannot play together as a team, nor have a good coach, they cannot win any trophies. Let’s transform our club team together. As head coach I would be a mixture of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, with the entrepreneurial nous and assertive style of, dare I say, Donald Trump.

Many of you presidential candidates have a wealth of experience to help us fix our country. To make this happen, let’s unify to do so. And I ask parliament, all political parties, the public sector, and its unions to look in a mirror daily and support me as president. Let’s transform Cyprus together by playing as a team. If elected, only a truly independent president such as I can make this unity happen, so that our Republic of Cyprus club football team will win the Champions League in 3 years’ time.

Cyprus needs a strong independent president. A transparent president. An honest president

A president who is prepared to make compromises, but not one mired by political dirt nor one controlled by political parties or special interest groups.

In February 2023, the decision who to elect will be yours. Register now to get a copy of my manifesto final version which will be published by 22 January 2023, 2 weeks prior to our presidential election. I urge you to register to vote. Let’s transform Cyprus in 24 months together. Let’s get rid of the political dinosaurs together, because: ‘Amateurs practise until they get it right, but professionals practise until they can’t get it wrong.’

And remember my promise: If I failed significantly for reasons under my control, I would resign and call for an early election no later than our parliamentary elections in May 2026.  Frankly, I’d rather enjoy the rest of my life starting today with my family as a pensioner, than have the stress of being Cyprus’ president. But someone needs to take the lead, and I’m offering to do so now if you want me to, because I’m sick and tired of how things are done in Cyprus today.