1976 – now

I began my career working in IT for a large bank and then two other international organisations. I was rapidly promoted due to being at the right place at the right time during the IT computer boom, rather than intellect. After substantial training and getting extensive experience, I specialised in a niche area within IT, became a consultant, and eventually opened my own software company 10 years later. I am now semi-retired with decades of expertise, via my companies, of automating problem and change management and transforming working practices for multinational organisations in many countries. I also have VC experience, own substantial IP, and am an accredited mediator in alternative dispute resolution.

Until last month I had the privilege of being patron and volunteer for Cyprus Samaritans, a national charity. (https://www.cyprussamaritans.org). For 12 years, it was humbling listening to and providing confidential emotional support to distressed, sometimes suicidal, members of the Cyprus public.

My surname is Zervides, but rarely use it. I am generally addressed as ‘Andronicos’ or ‘Mr Andronicos’. Next year, with your support I hope to be known as ‘President Andronicos’.

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