My Greek accent and speech are now a mixture of Greeklish, Cypriot Greek, Constantinople Greek, Egyptian Greek, and British/American Greek. English, the language of business, international negotiations and politics is my first language. For reasons unknown I am sometimes asked if I’m a mainlander Greek ‘Kalamaras’ that lived in Australia. This is not the case.

So that’s it. A series of events affecting my family since 1910 meant that in 2022 after a sequence of bizarre incidents with government departments which greatly frustrated me, I decided to appear out of nowhere and run in the 2023 presidential election out of anger. I want to change how things are done and try to fix our country with your help.

If I become president, which will need a miracle from God, I hereby promise to put some blue streaks in my long hair while I am in office. This to prove an unknown can be elected in 90 days based on their abilities and passion, rather than their looks, their strange accent, academic achievements, or having to worship any political party first.

Whether I get elected or not, if many of my ideas are read by those in power, and they actually have the nous and vision to change things, then my 100-year-old family story will have a happy ending for all of us.

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