Andronicos Cyprus 2022

A ‘translation’ of excuses ‘they’ will make

Several government departments and political leaders will react very negatively to many of my pledges and criticisms within this detailed manifesto. Here is a simple translation of common excuses they will make:

  1. We plan to do this’… means… ‘We didn’t think about it until reading it in Andronicos’ manifesto’
  2. We have already done this’ …means… ‘It took us 5 years to do half the job, and it will take until 2027 to finish it, even though we haven’t got a clue how to finish it’
  3. We disagree with this approach’…means…’We didn’t think about it first, so let’s pretend Andronicos’ idea is flawed.’… or… ‘It will upset one of the special interest groups that support us’…or… ‘It will hurt our €€€ pockets personally.’
  4. It’s all part of our country’s digital transformation’… my opinion… No, it is not. Transformation cannot succeed unless flawed working practices and how things get done by government departments are changed first. Otherwise, we will get digitally transformed automated chaos. Or, put another way, stupid things will get done more quickly and efficiently.

And the most common excuse government departments will use, will be…

  1. … to blame someone else.

Dear fellow Cypriot,

This document contains my detailed initial manifesto pledges to transform our country if I get elected as Cyprus’ president in February.

My vision includes a radical new approach to many problems that have affected our country for decades including the Cyprus problem. I will attempt to end corruption, create thousands of new jobs, make the public sector more efficient, transform public sector customer service, substantially increase wealth, and try to settle the Cyprus problem once and for all with radical solutions.

I do not belong to any political party or special interest group, nor are any supporting my campaign financially. If they do in future, I will fully disclose it. I am not soiled by Cyprus politics, nor am I a puppet for a political party I must worship.

I decided to appear out of nowhere and run in the election out of sheer frustration and anger. I believe many of you share my frustration. Many fellow citizens do not bother to register or vote in our elections. Whether I get elected or not, if my vision to transform Cyprus is read by those in power, and they actually have the nous to change things, then I will have succeeded.

This manifesto is unusual because it includes my personal experiences. Furthermore, I will lead by example. Anything in this presidential manifesto that could potentially benefit me directly or indirectly is also highlighted in green out of honesty and full transparency.

If I am elected and go on to fail significantly for reasons under my control, I will resign and call for an early election no later than our parliamentary elections in May 2026. Furthermore, my pledges form the initial policies of a future political party I plan to establish, with your support.

Let’s dispose of the political dinosaurs and put them in the recycling bin. Old style politicians backed by the main political parties have no place in a modern Cyprus. Do they know what it’s like to be poor or disabled in Cyprus? Do they know what it’s like to be an ordinary Cypriot not part of the elite? Can they live off a tiny pension? How can they manage a country if they’ve never managed a business during good times and hard times?  How can they create employment for Cypriots, when they’ve never really had to look for a ‘proper job’ themselves?

Let’s remove the table the establishment feasts from while you starve and give it to a charity shop.

Let’s transform Cyprus together in 24 months.

Let’s replace these dinosaurs with a new government of the people, by the people, for the people. (Apply to become a government minister 2023/4 or a member of parliament 2026)

As you read through my detailed manifesto, be warned. Some of my manifesto pledges are very radical and will not go down well with many in the Cyprus establishment who have controlled and allegedly milked our country for years.

Cyprus needs a strong independent president. A transparent president. An honest president. Vote for me in February so that my radical vision to fix our country can become a reality.



11 November 2022