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AI Expert. Technologist. Entrepreneur. Philosophist. Futurist. Activist. Satirist. After-dinner speaker. Independent Candidate for the Republic of Cyprus Presidential Election 2023, and European Parliament Election 2024

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I'm Andronicos, standing as your independent candidate for the European Parliament. With over forty years of experience in technology and business, I am dedicated to championing both Cyprus and Europe through integrity, innovation, and inclusivity.

Throughout my career, I've learned that meaningful change starts by listening, understanding, and acting decisively for the benefit of everyone in our community. I am thrilled to share that many of the political ideas from my 2023 presidential campaign have been recognised and adopted. Although I had no chance of winning, being heard and making an impact was the real victory. You can still find links to my 20 TV & radio interviews and access my presidential manifesto in English and Greek.

In the last 12 months I have advocated for change at the highest levels of government. And some of those recommendations are being adopted.

If you have 30 minutes spare read the full manifesto:

With your support, I am hopeful to secure one of the 6 MEP seats available. Thank you for your trust!

Andronicos Zervides
MEP Candidate, Cyprus

Read my Presidential Campaign Manifesto 2023 (Greek (PDF) and English (PDF) )

My updated biography 2024

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